avocado baby

avocado baby

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I’m sitting w these pensioners who apparently kno me but i have no idea who they are n they are making crude sex jokes like one of them said ‘i went to the dr n said i have a 24 hour erection what can you give me for it- and the dr said $500 a night’ and now they are talking about fucking someone from behind for bread wtf I’m really disorientated and they won’t let me leave

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sun kissed 


junya watanabe mondrian sweater 1990s • $198 USD

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work in progress lol

work in progress lol

lijekovi asks: perfect URL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! research chems!!!!!!!! perfect blog!!!!!! perfect face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 much love

Omg thank you angel everything about u is incredible  thank you xxxxxxxx

byirk asks: i love your blog and i love you

!!!!!thank u my lil pretzel!!!!! xxxxxxx